Parent Engagement
As per Chancellor’s Regulation A-418, please find Sex Offender Notifications for zip codes within the Brooklyn ISC attached below. Although each school is only obligated to forward to parents Notifications of offenders who live within its zip code, we are providing additional local Notifications as offenders may be near other neighborhood schools during the day.
For your Notification the following is adhered to for all offenders regardless of zip code. 

1. All Sex Offender Notifications are on file in the general office. They are made available to all. 

2. Our AP of Parent & Student Engagement maintains a file that is accessible to all as well.

3. We inform our School Safety Agents, School Safety Agent Supervisor, our
AP of Parent & Student Engagement, and all staff who supervise students at outdoor activities as well. We also inform supervisors of after-school activities as well.
To check the current list of Sex Offenders in our area Click any of the links below.
2016-2017 List

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2015-2016 List
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2014-2015 List
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2013-2014 List
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2012-2013 List
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2011-2012 List
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2009-2010 List
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2008-2009 List