Parent Engagement
A note from your Assistant Principal of Student and Parent Engagement

Dear Technite:

Welcome to Brooklyn Technical High School! My name is Kelly Nottingham and I am the Assistant Principal of Parent and Student Engagement.

I am looking forward to helping you have a phenomenal high school career.  Engagement with BTHS events and activities will guarantee memories to last a lifetime and beyond.  My office is located in Room 1W2 and my hours are 10:00am-6:00pm.  Feel free to contact me regarding concerns or questions.  We are a technical school; therefore, we heavily depend on technology for communication. It is imperative that you check your BTHS email everyday.
Contact Information 
* Phone:  (718)804-6442 
* Office of Student & Parent Engagement: Room 1W2 
The rich history of Brooklyn Tech is grounded in the involvement of all constituents including students, parents, teachers, alumni, administration, and countless others.  The purpose of having an Office of Parent and Student Engagement is to maintain the strong sense of community that has created such a legendary school. 
In order to stay aware of what takes place here at BTHS, please ensure your contact information is always current and updated. Day to day events and announcements are typically emailed, posted online, or received in a phone call, we rarely send things home via mail. 
Parents, please remember that you are a vital team member, along with the staff and administration, in the academic and social success of your child.  We must work as a team in order to bring your child to his or her full potential.  You are encouraged to be an active participant in your child's education.  Our PA (Parents Association) has several events, workshops, and educational trips throughout the year that may benefit your family immensely. Joining the PA, or at least participating in a few events, can forge relationships that are bound to help your child succeed. 
The Office of Parent and Student Engagement is designed to make you feel welcomed by the school, creating an opportunity for full communication between you and the entire staff.  We are here to answer any and all questions pertaining to your child no matter how small; everything from lost metro cards to working papers.  It is our goal to provide you with as many resources and tools you may need to help your child. 
On behalf of the entire BTHS family, we truly wish your child an extraordinary school year!


Kelly Nottingham
Assistant Principal of Parent and Student Engagement
Brooklyn Technical High School

Office of Parent & Student Engagement - Services

During the course of the school year the Office of Parent and Student Engagement coordinates many events with the PA (Parents Association) as well as acting as the main source of information for parents and students. But there are also other important events that our office can assist families with during the course of your time at Brooklyn Tech. 
The office is the main location to put in change of address forms, change of information (within the board of education) as well as any other contact information changes for students and parents with the school. If you move or we have incorrect information concerning you, please fill out this form here. Also if you need to receive a school verification letter for tax or legal purposes, the Office of Parent and Student Engagement (room 1W2) is the place to request them as well.  
The office also handles many surveys/forms that are distributed to the students during the course of the year. First of these is the lunch form which is available online at This form is used to get free lunch, as well as to assess fee waivers for AP exams and even SAT/ACT exams.  Next are Long Island Railroad (LIRR) forms to get reduced fares. For those students coming in on the Long Island Railroad, pick up a form at the train station and bring it in to get processed. 
The last thing the Office of Parent and Student Engagement handles is working papers. If you want working papers you can get a form in our office, fill it out and bring it in with a doctors note. Working papers are valid for 2 years (14-15 and 16-17). Expect at least a 48 hour turn around in processing.