Guidance & College Office

  The SPARK program is designed to help students deal with many of the difficult issues facing young people. The program, through group and individual counseling, classroom presentations and positive alternatives is designed to give students the skills necessary to resist drugs and alcohol while emphasis is placed on instilling coping mechanisms.

     We offer services in a wide range of teen problems and are not limited to teens with drug or alcohol problems. Students who are having difficulties with family problems, truancy/attendance problems, academic problems, poor self image/esteem issues, grief and relationship problems may be "at risk" for alcohol and substance use in the future and could possibly benefit from being in a group or individual counseling session.

     Students may be referred to SPARK by counselors, teachers, or any school staff. Participation in SPARK is voluntary and students may withdraw from these services at anytime. Students will usually be seen once a week and are assured confidentiality.

     Other SPARK services include classroom presentations covering a wide variety of prevention-related issues, parent workshops, social skills groups, guest speakers and the SPARK Peer Helper Program.