Mr. Scott Weber
Dear AP groups,

Welcome to AP Biology, Class of 2020!
Below are the PowerPoint files from the Campbell textbook chapters we are currently studying in class. 

Files will be uploaded as new chapters are reviewed, as well as old files removed in a timely manner. Please utilize the files below as soon as possible to add to any notes you've missed in class due to speed of presentation, absence, or for review.

Using these files along with your textbook, participating actively in class, and being consistent with your use of a purchased review guide, are the top three ways to succeed in an AP class, and on the AP exam.

Best of luck to you!
Mr. Scott Weber

PS:  Pictures, sound files, and other files on this page, and in the "links" page, will be added and removed here and there, and may relate to the current material being examined in class.  Check them out!
PPS: What does the creepy doll (pictured) disapprovingly ask when you make some tea?