The MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship is a four-year program that rewards outstanding experienced public secondary school mathematics and science teachers. MƒA Master Teachers demonstrate strong content knowledge; they are recognized as leaders in their schools and beyond; they serve as mentors for beginning teachers; they are models for their colleagues; and they remind each of us about our own inspiring teachers. Representing a range of seniority, MƒA Master Teachers have worked from four years in the classroom to twenty plus years. MƒA Master Teachers form a close community of professionals united in their passionate enthusiasm for both mathematics and science and for their work as teachers of mathematics and science. They actively participate in professional development and mentoring within the MƒA corps.

Kay Sirianni (Master Teacher 2013 - Present)

Prior to becoming a high school teacher in 1997, Ms. Sirianni was an adjunct lecturer in Forensic Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Before entering education, Ms. Sirianni has extensive laboratory experience as a Medical Technologist at Brooklyn Hospital, Methodist Hospital, St. Paul Children’s Hospital, and the Mayo Clinic. She also spent several years working for the University of Minnesota Department of Surgery Anti-Lymphocyte Globulin program. She holds a BS degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Minnesota and a MS in Forensic Science from John Jay College. She currently teaches Forensic Science in the Law and Society Major but has also taught both Regents Chemistry and Honors Chemistry at Brooklyn Tech. Recently, Ms. Sirianni was awarded the 2011 Nichols Award for Chemistry Teacher of the Year by the American Chemical Society and the 2013 NY Times Teacher who Makes a Difference. She advises the CSI club/team that annually hosts a school based Crime Scene Investigation Challenge as well as competing in the Crime Scene World Challenge and Science Olympiad.