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Brooklyn Tech Graduate Profile

The Brooklyn Tech Graduate profile was developed based on the expectations indicated by S.T.E.M. focused colleges and universities, industry groups, and professional associations. The profile was adopted by the faculty in 2000 and continues to serve as a set of desired outcomes for both the Modernization Task Force and the School Leadership Team as curriculum and program revisions are implemented.

A Brooklyn Tech graduate will have:

  • critical and creative thinking skills; and
  • independent and cooperative work habits; and
  • great communication skills; and
  • curiosity and a desire to learn; and
  • interpersonal skills; and
  • a comprehensive understanding of applied problem finding, inquiry, and the design process; and
  • a good understanding of fundamental principles in science, technology, engineering & mathematics; and
  • a basic understanding of the global environment, contemporary issues, humanities, and the language arts within a multi-disciplinary, systems perspective; and
  • highly ethical standards; and
  • flexibility - the ability and self-confidence to adapt and adjust to rapid change, pride in one’s own work, one’s signature, one’s individual  voice, and one’s progress.