About Us

Brooklyn Tech Beliefs

The Brooklyn Tech administration, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and students believe that:

  • students learn in a community where academic and technical disciplines are integrated; fostering an appreciation of how they work together to form a whole; and
  • we are a caring learning community; and
  • individual potential is independent of demographic characteristics; and
  • each person has intrinsic worth and can achieve at the highest levels; and
  • nurturing creativity is essential for expanding human potential; and
  • people develop best in communities that are safe, compassionate, and open-minded; and
  • honesty and integrity are essential elements for healthy relationships; and
  • learning is a lifelong process; and
  • people have a responsibility to care for the environment; and
  • in all areas of human endeavor, the search for truth is a worthy pursuit; and
  • appreciation of diversity is essential for people to participate in a global community; and
  • excellent opportunities for learning arise from unexpected results when the learning community is committed to self-assessment, evaluation, and revision; and
  • our students, faculty, and staff are dedicated to developing, evaluating, and sharing innovative ideas with the greater community.