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Welcome Message

Dear Members of the Brooklyn Tech Community,


Welcome to the new school year and for some of you welcome to the Brooklyn Technical High School Community. I look forward to collaboration between faculty, administrators, alumni, students, and parents to ensure the success of the students of today, and the work of the students of tomorrow. Parents, as the term unfolds, we will meet at Parent-Teacher conferences, alumni and parent events, PA meetings, club and team events, and parent breakfasts/dinner with the Principal. Students, I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the hallways, classrooms, athletic events, clubs, committee meetings, and school events. We are meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of students more than ever before. We have advisory classes for all freshman students. This class will help freshman students to acclimate to the demands of this highly rigorous educational institution.


Students, I want to meet many of you at "snacks with the Principal". I will meet Tuesdays with twenty students at a time to talk about all things Tech and have some snacks. Fill out this survey to pick a date. First come first served. The first one will be held on Tuesday October 2nd at 3:45PM. Subsequent "snacks with the Principal" will run throughout the semester on Tuesdays and are available for signup now as well. Copy or click below to sign up.   


Do not hesitate to reach out to me for any reason. I am always available at


Most Appreciatively,


David Newman

Principal, Acting