Mrs. Dawn Trebour

Mrs. Dawn Trebour



School Counselor- Prefect M - SPED/Mathematics/Aerospace Engineering


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     Mrs. Trebour started her counseling career with a strong foundation in behavioral health as a behavior specialist and recreation therapist on a Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Unit. For three years, she worked with individuals who suffered from a variety of mental health issues to help them identify their strengths and find balance through recreational activities such as exercise and art therapy. She eventually was hired as a school counselor for 9th and 10th graders at HSMSE, where she worked for 8 years specializing in areas of freshman transition and special education services. At Tech, she has served as the school’s Varsity Girls Basketball Coach as well as an advisor for Key Club and Big Siblings. Mrs. Trebour is a certified yoga instructor, an avid marathon runner, and a Zurich Ironman finisher.