Ms. Tena Cohen
Welcome to class!

We are working with Avancemos, a textbook with many resources. Apart from the preliminary unit, which is a review of last year's work, each unit has two lessons. There will be an exam and/or quiz/projects per lesson. At the end of each lesson, there is a helpful "Resumen" page, which sums up basic vocabulary and grammar points from that lesson. 

As no textbook is complete, classwork will be supplemented by handouts, cultural units such as songs or art, and additional readings. Therefore it is essential that students take good notes and file any additional handouts received in class. Reviewing regularly will prove to be more efficient than cramming before an exam.

Please go to "My Links" to access our Moodle page or try this link: There you will find basic information about the class (contract, participation rubric, departmental tutoring schedule) homework, and a bunch of excellent online resources. Take some time to get to know everything that is available there!  

If you need to contact me, please use my email address as it is the most direct manner for me to receive your message:


Srta. Cohen