Mrs. Rosemarie Mazzone

Ms. Rosemarie Mazzone



School Counselor- Prefect D - Environmental Engineering


Other Info:

Office-7S7 Room B

Extension: 6451

     Ms. Mazzone is a School Counselor currently associated with the Environmental Studies major and Prefect D.  She has worked with the Department of Education for the past 26 years. She started her career as a Social Studies Teacher and has held various supervisory positions; but she has found her joy with helping students here at Brooklyn Tech. Her areas of specialty are supporting students through the  college admissions process, assisting students with organizational skills and working to assess and intervene with students’ academic and social emotional needs.

     A native Brooklynite, Ms. Mazzone has lived here her entire life and has a strong knowledge of its history, hotspots and happenings around the area. At Tech, Ms. Mazzone is the Club Advisor to the Conservative Club (she has taken the club members to tour the Fox News Headquarters and Gracie Mansion, along with fundraising for the aging population that was affected by Hurricane Sandy). She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics from St. Francis College and two Master degrees.  Her first Master’s Degree is in Guidance and Counseling with an advanced certificate in Career and Sources of Information from Brooklyn College and her second advanced degree is a Masters of Art in Educational Supervision and Administration from City College of New York. Ms. Mazzone looks forward to continuing her work with the Environmental major and students attached to Prefect D.