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Extra-Curricular News

PSAL Boys & Girls Handball

If you are interested in playing handball for the school's PSAL teams this Spring, submit your medical and parent consent forms to Mr. Rubin in his office, room 1C1 - center lobby, across from the auditorium - by Friday, February 7th.

Click here for the parent consent form. Please make sure your printer settings allow for the entire document to be printed. The entire document must be 100% original in pen. Your parent must initial next to each of the 13 statements contained within the parent consent form, then provide at least one emergency telephone number at the bottom where indicated, and print, sign, and date the form.

Click here for the medical form. The medical you turn in must be completely 100% original in pen - no copies, scans, faxes, etc. will be accepted. You must turn in only the 3rd page to Mr. Rubin. Make sure your doctor has completed the 3rd page in its entirety, and that it includes the doctor's signature, stamp, and is dated by the doctor.

Due no later than Friday, February 7th.