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Extra-Curricular News


If you are interested in trying out for the Boys Varsity Soccer Team at Brooklyn Technical High School. This is what you need to know for tryouts. Click headline.

My name is Mr. Cicolini and I am the coach of the Boys Varsity Soccer Team at Brooklyn Technical High School. This is want you need to know for tryouts.


First you need to properly fill out the medical and parental forms. You can obtain these forms by going to
look under athletics, and then click on PSAL/NCAA Consent Forms. You need to download and print the Medical form and the Parental form.






All forms has to be original, it cannot be copied, faxed or scanned. Also has to have the Doctors stamp on it in the correct spot. If the forms aren’t filled out correctly you CANNOT tryout and you will be sent home to correct any mistakes before you can tryout.


Paper work is DUE on August 26th   (Monday) at Parade Grounds at the 7:30am – 8am. If the paperwork is not filled out 100% you CANNOT TRYOUT NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please follow the directions above.


The first day of tryouts on August 26th at parade grounds. There is a lot of fields at parade grounds look for me, I will be wearing a Brooklyn Tech Soccer Shirt. You need to be at the field at 7:45am the latest for your tryouts start at 8am. Here is the address of the field:



Parade Grounds

50 Parkside Ave

Brooklyn NY 11218


Again there is a lot of fields so you just look for kids or me wearing a Brooklyn Tech Soccer shirt.


I will send out an email if you have been selected to the next round after each tryout. I wish I didn’t have to cut anyone but since there is only a Varsity Soccer team, there is not JV team it makes this situation very difficult for me. If you do not make the team the 1st year don’t be discouraged, continue working hard and tryout again. There is only a few spots open for incoming freshman.


Tryouts will continue on August 27th and the rest of the week.


What to bring to tryouts? You must have Water, Water, and Water! You also must have shin guards and either cleats or turfs soccer shoes because the field is turf. Make sure you bring two shirts, one white colored and one dark colored.


 Please respond to this post stating you have received it and also answer these following questions by emailing me at

1. Name =
2. How many years playing soccer =
3. How many years playing on an organized team=
4. What team(s) are you on =
5. What position do you play =
6. Are you lefty, rightly, or both =
7. What do you want to get out of on being on this team=

8. Your email=


I will be out of the country from July 28 to August 23rd. I will not be checking my emails so any questions or concerns need to be address before that. Please email me back the answers to those questions so I know you received the information and you will be attending tryouts.


Thank you for your time.


Coach Cicolini