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National Honor Society is accepting applications for fall membership. Rising Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can apply. Incoming Freshmen are not eligible. The deadline for submission is Monday, June 10. Click headline to apply to NHS.


Are you interested in becoming a member of the National Honor Society?
There are membership drives for NHS in the fall and the spring. The membership drive is occurring now. We will be accepting applications starting now through June 10, 2019. The application is an online form that can be accessed through the website under News and Announcements.

Below is a description of National Honor Society and what the requirements are to join.

The National Honor Society (NHS) is one of the nation’s leading organizations established to identify outstanding high school students.  More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the 4 NHS pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.  With a history of many outstanding and successful members, the Brooklyn Technical High School National Honor Society is dedicated to continuing this longstanding NHS tradition.  Its purpose is to provide services to the school community as well as the local community, whether it is through volunteering at local organizations, tutoring students, mentoring, assisting school faculty, or helping out during major school events.  If help is needed within Brooklyn Technical High School, we have always been there and will always be there to help with some of the best students that the school has to offer.

As a student run organization, the Brooklyn Technical High School National Honor Society aims to reach out to exemplary students at Brooklyn Technical High School.  To us, exemplary means those who are able to maintain their GPA and keep up with their extracurricular activities while performing service to their peers and to the community.

With close to 500 members currently in the Brooklyn Technical High School National Honor Society, each member participates in one of 13 different committees, each with a special delegated task in order to better assist the students, staff and faculty of the school as well as the local community.  These 13 committees are Academic Recognition, Alumni, Club/Team Monitoring, College Services, Community Service, Fundraising, Induction, Mentoring, Outreach, Parent Services, School Environment, Tours, and Tutoring.

Our members provide service to the school. They will work at many events throughout the school year. Some of those events are Orientation, Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, Specialized High School Admission Test, High School Fair, Major Selection, College Fair, Recent Alumni Day, Career Day, Founder's Day, VOICES leadership conference and Alumni Homecoming. We will participate in many charitable endeavors such as toy, food and clothing drives as well as events like Room to Read and Relay for Life. We provide tours for prospective students, tutoring for struggling students, mentoring for new students and help with the college application process for college bound students. Our year starts with an induction ceremony and ends with an installation ceremony.

Each member will be required to attend one general meeting each month and will be required to attend their committee meetings. There will be mandatory and voluntary events that the members will attend throughout the year. Some of these events can and will take place in the evening and on weekends. All of these events will be on the school calendar. NHS members will receive a list of mandatory activities in the beginning of the year.

Although all members are already leaders in their own respect, they are also invited to become leaders within the Brooklyn Technical High School National Honor Society as well as in the school community in order to build leadership qualities.  For instance, junior members can apply to become Junior Chairpersons of their respective committees, and senior members can apply to become Senior Chairpersons or Officers.

Students must attend Brooklyn Tech for at least one school year in order to apply. Freshmen may apply at the end of freshmen year. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 85. The GPA will be taken from the student’s transcript at the end of the school year. Applicants should have a minimum of 50 hours of community service. Community service done during the summer will be counted.

Students applying for NHS must meet criteria in four different categories that correspond to the four pillars of NHS. The four pillars are scholarship, leadership, service and character. Students receive points in each category. The minimum number of points needed for NHS selection is: 16 for seniors, 14 for juniors, and 13 for sophomores.

Computing your total number of points:
 Use the following charts to determine your total number of points.


Official Transcript GPA                Points Awarded
97.0 - 100.0+                                                     5
94.0 - 96.9                                                         4
91.0 - 93.9                                                         3
88.0 - 90.9                                                         2
85.0 - 87.9                                                         1

NOTE: You must have an >85 average to be considered for NHS.


5 points max. 1 point per activity per term. If you hold an officer position in your activity, you may add 1 additional point for every term you are an officer in that activity. You may be required to provide written documentation of participation on request.


# of Hours Completed               Points Awarded
150+                                                                 5
125 - 149                                                          4
100 - 124                                                          3
75 - 99                                                              2
50 - 74                                                              1

NOTE: A total below 50 hours will receive 0 points.

All students start off with 5 points. Points may be deducted for reported violations of acceptable behavior, school attendance, lateness, cutting policies, a Superintendent’s and/or Principal’s suspension, and a Dean’s record of inappropriate behavior. The NHS Faculty Council will consider subject area teacher input, Dean updates, and other relevant data/materials when evaluating character.

Important information regarding the Service Pillar:
     A student must perform unpaid volunteer service to a non-profit organization in the local community. Service must be made on a long-term commitment. Colleges want applicants who have shown long-term meaningful relationships in a volunteer activity. Only list services completed throughout your high school career (grades 9-12).
     You are required to submit written documentation to room 7C1 for your participation in each volunteer activity that you list. Inform the organization you volunteered for to include your name and total number of hours completed as well as proper letterhead of the organization. Submit a photocopy with your name, your OSIS number and year of graduation written at the top of the page and keep the original!