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Living Environment Lab Credit Recovery Sessions

Need LE lab credits? Click headline. These are the ONLY days in which you can earn additional lab credits so make sure to check immediately.

Living Environment Lab Credit Recovery Sessions: Need LE lab credits? Click here.

Regents Living Environment Students,

In an effort to help you achieve the 30 periods (1200 minutes) of laboratory experience that is required for you to qualify for a Regents Examination in any science, there is an opportunity for laboratory credit recovery. If you are not sure how many periods you have completed so far this year, please check with your laboratory teacher or count the number of lab credits you have on Skedula. To read Skedula, a weight of 1 for a particular lab equals 1 lab credit, a weight of 2 equals 2 lab credits, etc. Students who received a grade of “F” for the most recent report card are strongly recommended to register for multiple sessions immediately!

The dates for laboratory credit recovery are as follows:


Credit Recovery:

Dates: Thursday, May 16th & Wednesday, May 29
Time: 3:45-5:15
Location: 3N1

Date: Thursday, May 23rd
Time: 9:15am-10:45
Location: Room 3N1

Date: Wednesday, May 29th
Time: 3:45-5:15
Location: Room 3N1

If you’re interested in applying for the Student-Athlete Leadership team please see more information and links on the BTHS website club page. The recommendation and application are due on Wednesday, May 29th!

Note: These are the ONLY days in which you can earn additional lab credits. It is your responsibility to give the lab to your lab teacher within a week of making it up.


Please register below for as many LE Credit Recovery sessions as needed

Credit Recovery, two lab credits: Thursday, May 16th

Credit Recovery, two lab credits: Thursday, May 23rd

Credit Recovery, two lab credits: Wednesday, May 29th

To Sign up click here.

Note the following:
• To register for multiple sessions, revisit this link and redo this process to pick another time and date. Space is limited as sections are capped at a maximum of 34 students per session.

Seats will be given on a first come first serve basis on the day of each credit recovery session.
• Your seat time in lab counts. If you arrive late, you will only receive a fraction of the lab credit based on your arrival (or early departure) time.