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Do you want to add a special achievement on your college application? Do you want an easy way to get volunteer hours and club credits at the same time? Then join the National BETA Club! For more info click headline.

The National BETA Club is a well-known and prestigious youth organization that focuses on helping others. It is a national honor society dedicated to promoting leadership and achievement, with over 200 active members! As our motto states, “Let us lead by serving others.”

Members are required to attend a general meeting once a month, and there are voluntary events available to earn points. We participate in festivals and parades, help out in soup kitchens, and volunteer at various events. Active  participation can get you as much as 16 club credits! We also do joint events with other volunteer clubs, such as HOPE, so you can get points for both clubs.

If you think this is the club for you, fill out the application below! We hope to see you at our first meeting!