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The NYC Marathon Needs 200 Volunteers!

Do you need over 7 volunteer hours? Do you want to get them by participating in one of the most electric events in NYC? Then sign up to work the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON! We need 200 volunteers!! We need all volunteers signed up by 3pm on Monday October 30th. Thank you!! Click headline for more details and to fill out the survey to participate.

 Those willing to work the station will receive a certifying letter towards receiving service credits for their efforts. 

Location: Brooklyn; 4th Avenue and 63rd Street - Rite Aid Parking lot - Ask for Alix Day

Dress: Dress for the weather. Please check the local news for the weather on the race day. (Marathon will be conducted Rain or Shine and everything in between) Please also dress for the event, thus waterproof boots or shoes are important as they will get wet. 

Arrival Time: Setup will begin at 5:30 am. Please arrive between 6:30an and 7am ready to check in and mobilize. 

Completion: The runners will have passed and completion of the duties will culminate by 2pm

Duties: Volunteers will setup over 100 tables along the streets of 4th avenue; Prepare and mix Gatorade; Pour both water and Gatorade into cups stacked on each table 4 levels high depending on wind conditions. Keep the streets clear of debris and impediments to the runners. From start to finish provide water or Gatorade to the athletes as they run by. After the athletes all passed moving along on the journey; break down and clean up. Collection of the tables and other materials that must be returned to marathon HQ. 

Requirements: Must be able to stand for a number of hours; Moderate to lifting for some. Will need a number of individuals capable of lifting 50 lbs. repeatedly. The equivalent of a case (6 one gallon bottles of water).  I will need 60 students that can accommodate the repeated lifting (great workout).

Security: Please leave backpacks and valuables at home. We are not responsible for nor have space to store items. 

Food: Please bring whatever meal that you will need. Keep it light and practical. Once the race begins there will be a steady flow of runners for hours making it impossible to leave to get food or get pass the runners. 

Deadline: October 30th to sign up.


200 Students

60 able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly.

10 Leaders that can manage / be responsible for different tasks. 

This is a rewarding day and an experience that will never be forgotten. Come ready to be amazed and ready to work. To sign up click here.