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Career Day – October 25th

All freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors will hear career related presentations from our alumni and parents. Presentations will take place in freshman and sophomore English classes, and junior and senior major classes. This event is a great opportunity for students to gain greater exposure to different careers and for presenters to interact with students, meet teachers and learn about Tech today. For more info click headline.

Parents and alumni may register by September 8th by visiting this page:

The Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation will host the next Career Day during regular school hours on Wednesday, October 25th. This event creates a critical link between the classroom and the workplace by allowing students to explore various career options so that students can make informed educational and career choices. Presenters can sign up by visiting this registration page before September 8th. 

Career Day is intended to benefit our students by:
• Introducing them to careers: students gain exposure to different careers.
• Connecting learning: speakers give students background on the type of education required for specific careers.
• Sharing the relevance of schoolwork: students observe how skills learned in the classroom are used on the job.
• Creating a career pathway: students discover which college majors or technical programs feed into different career paths.

This is a great opportunity for presenters to:
• Interact with students
• Meet teachers
• Learn about what is going on at Tech today

There are three sessions for Career Day:
Session 1: 8:00 AM – 10:18 AM
Session 2: 10:22 AM – 12:33 PM
Lunch: 12:37 PM -  1:18 PM
Session 3: 1:22 PM - 3:35 PM

Presentation Details:
Each of these sessions will consist of two in-class presentations. Classes are 40 minutes each. The presentation should run for 20-30minutes with time allotted for students’ questions. Classes are comprised of 34 students. Each session will provide a written letter of appreciation to all participants, indicating that this is a volunteer activity. Presenters may be paired with co-presenters, depending on the number of volunteers. All presenters will be notified at least two weeks prior. 

Presenters are advised to wear business casual attire and comfortable shoes. 

To register, please visit this page before September 8th.


If you have questions or wish to inquire further about this event please email Liliya Nissen at


Thank you,


The Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation